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C.Shreve the Professor Links With Jrusalam & Tuscon For A North Carolina Hip Hop Cypher


flowsfordays’ favorite C.Shreve the Professor is gearing up to release Daddy Love To Rap, a project I’ve been anticipating for quite some time now. Dude has been tearing up the North Carolina hip-hop scene with a host of impressive stage performances and strong releases. To build more anticipation for the LP, Shreeve has linked with fellow NC natives Jrusalam and Tuscon for a gritty hip-hop ditty in Where The God At?

The trio are meant to record with one another, as each bring their distinct personality to the table. Word is Jru & Shreve were hanging out one morning after a show in Raleigh, and a running joke developed. According to Shreve they went back and forth saying, “yeah I see you got some nice punchlines and all, but where the GOD AT?”

They put Tucson into the mix to prove their rhyming skills were top notch – and recorded it over a beat in the vault from Grove$ide. You can hear their playful side on the 4 and a half minute cypher, but are serious in their dedication to one-upping each other. Fans can expect Shreve’s Daddy Love To Rap to impact in the next few weeks, along with projects from Jrusalam and Tuscon dropping in the fall. Hopefully they trade features on their respective full lengths – but only time will tell.

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North Carolina MC Debuts His Newest EP

About a month ago C. Shreve THE Professor teased us with his single titled “Mommy Love To Dance.” Following that, the wordsmith released a seven track EP with the same title.

Shreve states: “I’ve done enough shows to know what makes it all work. Without the folks that come up front and dance, a live show just doesn’t work. Mommy Love To Dance is a reflection of me trying to figure out what people would most want to dance to. It led to me choosing some beats that I might not have otherwise.”

The production on the EP uses a combination of upbeat tempos (enough to get you up and moving) but also soothing enough to kick back and decompress too (i.e. tracks like “All Around,” “Circle,” and “Fly Take Off” – which is kind of reminiscent of old school Wiz Khalifa). Pretty impressive to achieve both styles in the same context. That was the goal for Shreve and his team. It’s not your traditional dance EP by any means, but it takes a different and unique approach and you have to be able to appreciate that.

This project will be followed quickly by Shreve’s next project “Daddy Love To Rap,” which finds him creating an album based purely on choosing the beats that he wanted to rap on, and then doing just that. DLTR will be released in October. Listen to the full EP below.

Mommy Love To Dance review via Scratched Vinyl


The last time we heard from Asheville group Free the Optimus, it was the live album LIVE in the High Country which came out last October. Before that, we got a solo album from member C.Shreve The Professor, the excellent Twenty Sixteens, in May of 2016. Now Shreve is back with a new EP, Mommy Love To Dance.

This is a pretty straightforward EP. As C.Shreve explains, he’s been rocking shows for a while now, and he knows one of the keys to making it a fun experience is to get that first group of people up to the front of the stage and dancing. So with that in mind, he put together this collection songs designed to get people moving. One of the nice things about this EP is that even with this simple explanation, C.Shreve knows there are numerous ways to get people moving. Working with production from the likes of Flu, ILe Flottante, FLLS, Tracy Lamont, and Nakata Slice, we get a few different looks. It could be a slow, sexy jam like the title track, it could be the house-disco of “Make a Movement,” or it could be the trap of “NC in the House.” There’s not one way to dance, so C.Shreve makes sure he’s got you covered. Now, at first listen, you might think that this EP is all that heavy lyrically, but Shreve is pretty sneaky this way. Yes, this is an EP that is designed to be fun and for people to get down, but he does a really good job of placing little nuggets of wisdom here and there, just a little food for thought as you’re dancing.

When you release an EP called Mommy Love To Dance, you better bring some tunes that’ll get people’s feet moving, and C.Shreve the Professor does just that. There’s some good variety, some great showmanship, and he even manages to work in some moments of deep though as well.

Title: C.Shreve The Professor – Mommy Love To Dance
Label: FTO
Year: 2017
Rating: 8/10

Mommy Love To Dance review from Speed On The Beat


C.Shreve the Professor comes on a different vibe each track you catch him on. The college professor (and college football player in another life) gives us hard boombap on one track, then flips the proverbial script and gives us smoothed out conscious vibes the next. Such is the case on his newest release, the seven-track Mommy Love To Dance EP.

The project, which Shreve made sure to notate is “not a traditional dance album by any means,” is a nice mix of lyricism and funky vibes. The project, as a whole, kind of reminds me of Talib’s “Hot Thing” in some ways. There is an edge that leans towards “new school” loverman rap and walks that fine line between “pop” and “strictly for the bar-heads.” However, it’s not just about a woman Shreve is looking at, just as “Hot Thing” isn’t just about a woman Talib’s infatuated with. The project definitely keeps Shreve’s musical roots wide open on display as well, bars and substance over dope beats. Check out the project below, be on the lookout for Shreve’s Daddy Love To Rap project (which is coming soon), and support dope music in all its forms.

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It’s been a busy summer for Boone-based hip-hop collective Free the Optimus. The group recently released two tracks, back-to-back, including “Somnambulant” from “the long lost FTOLive album — which will come out in some form or another by the end of 2017 — [featuring] longtime FTO member Shep Bryan along with C.Shreve the Professor,” according to a press release.

The second single, “Mommy Love to Dance,” starts off with the line, “I’m often in an awful mood / but yeah Mommy got those awesome moves.” It trips along a line between whimsy and laser focus on career and artistic aspiration. “Now get gone with that nit-picky stress sh*t / yeah, I’m on some now, but thinking ’bout some next sh*t,” Shreve raps. The track offers encouragement for those who keep pushing, but also reminds listeners to be in the moment and enjoy the ride.

–Alli Marshall

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