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C.Shreve the Professor Releases New Album “Daddy Love To Rap” and Music Video “The Toast”

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C.Shreve the Professor has returned with another brand new release for your eyes and ears. Intent to finish 2017 with a bang, Shreve brings us his follow up to the “Mommy Love To Dance” EP with the appropriately titled full length project “Daddy Love To Rap”, complete with a shiny new music video to lead the way.

Stream/Download “Daddy Love To Rap”:

The Toast (Official Video)

Directed by Andrew Anderson. Production by Pat Junior. 

DLTR largely keeps the production in state, with North Carolina beatmakers Grove$ide, Pat Junior, FLUE, B Squared, and FLLS all contributing tracks. The album also features 4 songs from Greece based producer Delta Sigma.

Now let’s not think. Now let’s just feel
Let’s just look until we blink and let’s just try to let it build
Let us cook, have a drink–yeah it’s time to eat a meal
Have a toast to these moments, they all we got that’s real

In addition to DLTR, C.Shreve the Professor has also just released a collection called The Lost Files:

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