Twenty Sixteens

Free the Optimus

Free The Optimus – A Hip Hop Lifestyle Collective

FTO is an Asheville, NC based Hip Hop collective focused on bringing dope lyricism to high caliber soundscapes.

“The musical focus is on rhythm exploration and raw lyricism…in the live setting this translates to an improvisational stream of consciousness sonic tapestry where song structure is often tossed aside in favor of the vibe of the moment.”
–C.Shreve the Professor

What We Do

Think Big. Focus Small. Work Hard.

12/25 – 24/7

Who We Are

C.Shreve the Professor. DJ Jet. Mike L!VE. Good Shepard. Ill Will. Phil Dangerous. She Carretta. Mind Ninjas.

Where We Are

Our live show tours the East Coast (Asheville what up, what up), but we are probably at a similar place as you– balancing our dreams’ reach with our feet in the ground; thinking universal, by starting with one breath; we are day job ninjas stealthily striving for more.


Music awaits.

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